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Attention: Restaurants, Hotels, Coffee & Tea shops, Ice Cream & Yogurt shops, Schools, Snack shops and Food trucks

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  Waffle program: Become a Belgian Superwaffles vendor

Waffle program

Belgian Superwaffles offers a great opportunity to maximize your revenue by adding a range of our Belgian Superwaffles to your existing products. 


Belgian Superwaffles will bake the waffles for you and deliver them to you fresh.

This particular concept extends beyond cost and finances, it includes intangible capital such as - time, efforts, creative energy and marketing.

We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best - selling your products, we will provide free training on how to top your waffles with our trademark design waffle toppings.

                                                                               The benefits include:

  • Attractive Branded In-store

  • No equipment or cooking in-store

  • Products are made and delivered to you fresh

  • Products can be frozen up to 30 days ( to preserve  freshness )

  • No preservatives, no artificial colorings

  • Products can be sold with or without toppings

  • Increase revenue with dine-in, take-out and delivery

  • High Margin - high volume complementary add-on Menu Product ( up to 40% profit margin )

  • Low investment and capital cost

  • Marketing and promotion program included

  • 3 Easy steps - warm up, top and serve / simply warm up and serve

  • Addictive Repeat Customers

  • Serve All seasons, All day long - Breakfast, Lunch, Dessert and Snack

Inside our Kitchen

Service Location

To expand our irresistible products and experience - Belgian Superwaffles are available across Lower Mainland above and beyond British Columbia.

Our products have no boundaries - they appeal to anyone who wants to enjoy a piece of hot and exquisite Belgian Superwaffle.

For more info

For more details, call or send an email to customer service at:


Tel: (778) 554-5147

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